The Most Annoying Cat Behavior – Urine Spraying

Cat spraying water within the home is one in every of the foremost annoying and frustrating cat behavior downside. Constant water smell is pretty laborious to tolerate and sadly however not amazingly, some cats can ought to take a 1 manner trip to the shelter.

However, like most cat behavior issues, there’s a reason on why the cat sprays. distinctive the cause will greatly assist you to find the proper resolution to prevent this annoying habit.

Why do they spray?

Spraying mustn’t be confused with inappropriate elimination since it’s associate intentional act.

In entire cats, water spraying is an element of a traditional and natural behavior. it’s the way to convey territorial and sexual messages to alternative cats. Not solely tomcats spray, queens in heat can spray too to let others recognize they’re able to mate.

In castrated cats, the foremost common reasons for spraying is competition and territorial disputes between cats in multi-cat households, moving to a brand new house, arrival of a brand new baby or another pet and things wherever the cat feels unsafe and insecure therefore it’s going to feel the requirement to ‘reinforce’ its ‘territory’.

How to stop them spraying

Firstly, your cat ought to have a checkup to form positive there’s no underlying medical condition inflicting its behavior. it’s potential the cat has urinary tract infection or another elimination downside.

Since water spraying in entire cats is primarily a sexual behavior, sterilization will facilitate to manage this behavior in most cases. additionally, it’ll conjointly cut back behavior and aggression between cats. Yet, it’s not essentially a curative and do not expect your cat can stop spraying quickly – it’s going to take 2 to 3 months.

Clean nasty areas totally. you’ll purchase cleaners and odor neutralizers at your native pet store or just use diluted vinegar. keep one’s distance from product containing ammonia – they may stimulate the marking behavior as water conjointly contains ammonia.

If you own a lot of cats, you’ll ought to give every cat with one litter box and you must have one additional box for the house. Cats loathe dirty boxes!

Try to establish the explanation why your cat sprays. If as an example a brand new person has affected into the house, have him or her feed your cat to determine a bond between them.

If your cat is anxious then attempt to cut back the strain levels by fidgeting with it in areas wherever it tends to spray.

If your cat is spraying in one space solely, keep the door latched. If it’s spraying solely in one or 2 locations and you can’t keep the cat out, build it to a feeding and Synthetic urine. Most cats ar terribly clean animals and can not urinate close to their food.

Use Feliway spray or diffuser (a artificial equivalent of feline facial pheromones) altogether areas wherever your cat marks. Feliway makes the cat feel comfy and safe and reduces its spontaneous urges.

If you have got a lot of cats and that they aren’t getting on, you must at first separate them to examine if spraying continues. Then you’ll bit by bit acquaint them in things that make positive associations like enjoying and feeding together with calming result of Feliway.

You should ne’er penalise your cat by dragging it to its litter box, rubbing its nose in litter or slap it. In fact, you’ll build the matters a lot of worse. Your cat can then associate penalisation with you and therefore the litter box; it’s going to become anxious and begin to spray even a lot of.

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